I'll buy the field where lies the mine...and dig awhile.”

Artist Bio

Andrew Haines is not your stereotypical Christian artist.  While today's Christian music is often accused of being repetetive and shallow, Haines' debut album Dig Awhile  completely defies standard categorization.  His songwriting is poetic, creative, and overflowing with scriptural references, and his music is diverse in both style and instrumentation.  This comes as no surprise due to the fact that Haines collaborates with friends and former bandmates of the late Rich Mullins, namely Mitch McVicker, Michael Aukofer, and Dave Sprinkle.  The record also features the musical talents of multi-instrumentalists Michael Armstrong and Carter Green, who have the combined ability to play almost every instrument on this side of eternity.  Carter Green (Chicago Fire, AMC, Mitch McVicker, Jason Orme) also produced, mixed, and mastered the record.

Haines also takes his unique approach to the stage by utilizing various instruments, crafting creative loops, and combining his music with storytelling.  He says, "Who wants to see another guy and his guitar?"  Having done several shows with his friend Mitch McVicker (an uncoventional performer in his own right), Haines takes his music to churches, coffee shops, and anywhere else he is invited.  His mission is to bless the church with music that encourages people to seek the Lord and love the scripture.

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