Andrew Haines is a singer-songwriter from the Chicago area who weaves spiritual and scriptural themes with acoustic driven music.  His honest lyrics and passionate voice beckon the listener to "reach beyond this soil and embrace eternity."  He released his debut album Dig Awhile  in 2020, and his followup project, Where the Song Began, in the fall of 2022.  His songwriting is poetic, creative, and overflowing with scriptural references (UTR Media), and his music is diverse in both style and instrumentation. 

Haines does several concerts each year, and has played alongside bands and artists such as Sidewalk Prophets, Colten Dixon, Jason Gray, Carolyn Arends, Eric Peters, Mitch McVicker, Andrew Greer, Alathea, and many others.  His concerts often feature live-looping, a unique experience for listeners to enjoy.  Every concert features a cover of a Rich Mullins song to honor his musical hero.  His mission is to bless the church with music that encourages people to seek the Lord and dig deeper into the scriptures. 

His records feature the musical talents of Michael Aukofer (Rich Mullins), Eric Hauck (Rich Mullins), Andrew Osenga, Mitch McVicker, Michael Armstrong, and many others.  Emmy Award winning producer Carter Green engineered and produced both records.  Haines writes, "What an incredible honor it has been to make music with people who either played with Rich or were influenced by him."

"Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage."  (Psalm 119:54, NKJV)